Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I never really have felt the way I am feeling right now before. It seems as if I am at the edge of a cliff, looking over everything that is just about to happen. That cliff being my next few months/years. Its this strange pit in your stomach excitement mixed with a weird bitter taste in your mouth. Like when you really don't want to do something but you know its all for the best. I just found this picture of myself from about a year ago. Its leading me to realize all of the changes that have happened within my life since this was taken. I got a car of my very own, became even closer to my sister who is like a second mother and best friend to me, spent the summer in new york, met new friends and caught up with others, ate delicious food, came back home and worked for the rest of the summer to afford my new camera, lost a best friend, found who i was and became a better and closer friend to others, found an amazing boy in so-cal, worked at a children's clothing store, shot for solestruck, got interviewed for 3 publications, completely started over on my site too many times, and now nearing the end of my senior year of high school everything is still changing. My house goes on the market in 2 weeks and we are in preparation for a downsize, as well as my senior projects first draft monologue is due within 3 weeks. My light at the end of the tunnel is escaping to so-cal to take photos in the desert, and the beach, and in the city, and possibly disneyland, and escape all of the craziness back home. I really know all that is just about to happen is a good thing. I am really excited to have a new home and make it exciting and cute. Create my new room and sun tan in the potential new back yard. Organize a new closet and get new bedding. Its all very exciting but the bad taste is leaving my childhood home. Its really surreal to think of leaving this place i have been for 16 years and move to somewhere new. I guess its all part of growing up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bring Me Sunshine

getting caught up with all of the editing I have been putting off. these are some self p's i did a few weeks ago and am now finally getting around to posting.

This is a good soundtrack for the photos: